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Bazaar Ceramics Studio has been operating for 20 years. We started as a small collective, operating in the picturesque township of Hahndorf, South Australia - known for its quality arts and crafts. Over the years the studio has passed through a number of transformations. In the first 7 years of its existence - as a co-operative, it was well known for producing quality domestic ware and fine individually designed art pieces.

High Quality

We provide an extensive range of well crafted and designed domestic ware

Hand Made

We produce unique hand crafted pieces for the individual and corporate collector

Real People

Designed, Crafted and finished by highly trained designers

Who are we

We make pretty nice stuff

Bazaar Ceramics has a wide range of products to meet the needs of clients both nationally and internationally. The studio produces exquisite one off sculptural pieces for the individual and corporate collector. Commissions make up approximately 40% of this work. These pieces can be found in:

  • Board Rooms
  • International Hotels
  • Private Homes
  • All over the world including the USA and Germany

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Blue Glaze Vase
charcoal modern bowls


Charcoal Modern Bowls
(2 Pack)

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